Thursday, September 24, 2009

fun with gimps!

So, bored as I am with my usual suspects (Women's Lit), I've decided to write an article on disability studies-- specifically, and befitting my gimptastic self, on how John Callahan and the creators of the character Gregory House are manipulating the able-bodied fear of the disabled for both humor and gain. it's complex, kinda, and I'm still articulating, but basically I'm going to a conference where the theme is "Voices", and the voice I wanna talk about is the snarky, funny, darkly comic one which through manipulation speaks volumes about the reality of disability or difference experience-- that not all fat people are happy, not every gimp is forgiving when you knock them over, not every blind person can sing.

We'll see if I pull it off, but I can say there's alot more snarkiness out there from gimps than I ever imagined, and I say-- cool!

1 comment:

Kathy said...

House had that great line in the season opener...Something like "Sure, cast the useless cripple aside--How very German of you!" I loved that.

Good luck with the article!